The Journey to Nutrition

Element Nutritional Sciences was born from a desire to develop and deliver products based on pure nutritional science. Our company is built on the passion to utilize modern science to innovate and deliver high value nutrition products that enhance the well being of all our consumers and allow them to maximize their health and longevity.

We employ plant-based technology along with research based nutritional science to deliver high value products that enhances the health and wellness of our customers.

Health & Well-Being


Element takes the utmost care throughout the planning and development of its products. In doing so, it can ensure that customers are receiving the nutrients they desire to function optimally. Quality of life is the most important value, and maintaining your health is paramount to living life to the fullest.



The study of nutritional and nutraceutical science is imperative to realizing what the human body requires to live more actively and healthily. By utilizing such insightful information, Element delivers innovative, science-based products that can greatly provide quality nutrition and empower customers to live their lives and stay stronger for longer.


Rejuvenate™ and JaktRX™ are dietary supplements that support muscle growth and boost energy. In maintaining a consistent regimen of these products, our customers can combat age-related muscle loss and keep energized throughout their day.